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Said Asghar Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd is number one supplier in the field of Stainless-Steel Thanks i.e manufacturing Plants and Machinery, fabrications, installation, commissioning and maintenances. Previously the company was working with the name “Said Asghar Engineering Company” then converted it into Pvt Ltd. During its existence of more than one decade, the Company embodies an entrepreneurial journey that has spanned both ‘old’ and ‘new’ economics, building successful brick and mortar business to exploring the new world of emerging technologies. To maintain market leadership and to provide efficient, practical and reliable products company relies only on Customer Satisfaction.
Company continuously invest in research and development for setting new standards in industry by producing innovative and advanced solutions. Company also stickily follow the quality standard to satisfy the customer in competitive market.

  • I feel confident while sharing that Said Asghar Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. remains on course to become a world-class engineering organization.  Over the last 8 year, we have maintained a leading position in the competitive environment.  This has been made possible by our entrepreneurial spirit and commitments.
  • Customer satisfaction still remains priority of our organization. Customers’ satisfaction is a big challenge and we are trying to meet such requirement at every cost. At the heart of all operations remain our team members who have the spirit to push boundaries and of fostering a culture of accepting challenges.
  • Our achievements have been hard-earned and what we have learnt has immense value in terms of organizational growth.  I pay tribute to our teams at every level for being a part of the Said Asghar family.
Chairman, Said Asghar Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.